Tucson natives Scott and Fini met as summer lifeguards in 1987. While proving to be opposites in demeanor, they found common ground on their tastes regarding straw hats, music, bottle openers and flipflops.

Fini’s Landing is their escape to the waterfront menus and lifestyles of the Keys and Caribbean, Mexico and California, brought back to their landlocked hometown with an authenticity and spirit of the places that inspired it. The fish tacos are named and created in tribute to real coastal towns in Mexico that offer a unique style of taco. The Key West ceviche is in fact, a Key West recipe. The black beans came from the home-cooked notes of a woman who fled the Castro regime in Cuba, and now lives in Marathon, Florida.

While blurry recollections of college-era border crossings gave way to real life and the two have begrudgingly been forced to “grow up” a little bit in recent years, their commitment to fun and pleasure is also the reason that the restaurant holds high standards of sustainability. Scott’s years spent on top and underneath the water were enough to see the impact of irresponsible commercial and sportfishing fishing practices, and for that reason Fini’s only sells fish from recognized sustainable fisheries. In addition, the restaurant also recycles most of its cardboard, plastic, and glass, and uses only compostable packaging for its to-go meals.

All of this background, of course, doesn’t put great food on the plates, that came with the chance meeting of chef Tim Stevens in a past bar from a past life. “Tiki Tim” came to us via a shared passion for Polynesian pop culture with renowned tiki aficionado Fini. Holding degrees in culinary arts and culinary nutrition from Johnson & Wales Culinary School in Providence RI, the addition of Tiki Tim and his uniquely original menu to the Landing crew turned out to be the glue that holds the ship together.

Please come check us out, and by all means,

-stay casual.

Local Alliances


Kalil Bottling

A family-owned company since 1948, Kalil Bottling Co. is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona and has distribution centers in Phoenix, Flagstaff and El Paso. Kalil distributes soft drinks, teas and waters throughout Arizona, parts of New Mexico, the Durango area of Colorado and the El Paso area of Texas.



Barrio Brewing

Local Tucson, AZ brewer of up to 12 fresh microbrews.





Dragoon Brewing

Dragoon Brewing Company was founded with a simple goal in mind: to increase the quantity and quality of local beer in the Arizona market. To that end, we’ll stay true to the spirit which spawned this goal: The idea that in sharing a creative endeavor with another person, you can’t help but share a bit of yourself. For DBC, that creative endeavor is craft beer, and we’re proud of the passion, integrity, and soul that we pour into every pint.


Shamrock Foods

Shamrock’s rich heritage began when W.T. McClelland (Mr. Mac), son of an Irish farmer, immigrated to the U.S. and bought a small dairy business in 1922 to serve a handful of customers in the Tucson area. His wife, Sara Winifred (Winnie) became the bookkeeper and christened the new business Shamrock Dairy. Together, Mr. Mac and Winnie forged an American success story.


Sustainable Fisheries


Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Fini’s Landing is currently the only restaurant in Tucson participating in the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Business Partnership. All of our seafood is required to meet Best Practices or Good Alternative status with the Seafood Watch Program. The Seafood Watch program is a third-party watchdog organization, dedicated to promoting the purchase of seafood from sustainable fisheries exclusively.


Green Chefs/Blue Ocean

Our Head Chef, Tiki Tim has taken The Green Chefs/Blue Ocean course which is intended for culinary students and chefs who are interested in learning about all aspects of sustainable seafood – including how to implement sustainable seafood on menus and in restaurants. Green Chefs/Blue Ocean equips members of the culinary community to purchase, prepare, and promote sustainable seafood in their kitchens and restaurants.


Marine Stewardship Council

When you see the MSC ecolabel, you can be sure that the seafood bearing the label comes from a certified sustainable fishery. It is the MSC standards that define the performance needed for fisheries to be certified as sustainable and for businesses to trade in certified seafood.


Food Sourcing


Regal Crest Poultry

The Regal Crest poultry is fresh, tender, and wholesome. It is always fresh and never frozen and packaged to ensure maximum freshness and wholesomeness.

  • 100% Natural, no added hormones, absolutely no additives,
    injectables or marination.
  • 100% Cage Free.
  • Custom trimming and portion control packaging.
  • Hand selected from our experts.
  • 100% guarantee to meet the toughest nutritional standards.


Gold Canyon Pork

Carefully raised on family farms, crossbred from two gourmet lines. Gold Canyon Gourmet Pork is known for its unsurpassed tenderness, moisture and sweet flavor.

  • Possesses considerably more marbling than conventional pork,
    and a richer, deeper color.
  • Natural, raised without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics or
    growth-promoting hormones.


Harris Ranch Beef

For over 40 years, Harris Ranch Beef Company, the processing and marketing component of the beef division, has continually strived to produce the highest quality beef in the world. Over the years we have built a uniquely integrated beef production system where cattle are sourced, fed and humanely processed exclusively by Harris Ranch.


Environmental Footprint


Frylow Arizona

Longer Oil Usage– Through Frylow’s revolutionary technology the oxidization process is reduced and therefore dramatically increases the life span of cooking oils.
Reduced Electricity Usage – Frylow technology enables food to be cooked at lower temperatures and faster cooking times.
Lower Carbon Footprint – Because the Frylow extends the life span of cooking oils this creates less environmental waste. Combined with the reduction in electricity and gas costs and reduced cooking times you will be significantly reducing your carbon footprint.


Eco Products

We’re not a disposable products company trying to act green, we’re a green company who happens to operate in disposables.
Sustainable disposables sound like an oxymoron, but we live in a consumer culture where disposable products are ubiquitous and they aren’t going away anytime soon. We see this as an incredible opportunity to help change the world by making more sustainable disposable products to shift our industry in a better direction.


Harvest Fiber

Genpak Harvest Fiber products are produced using all natural, annually renewable resources that are 100%, BPI certified compostable. Each biodegradable food service container and product is carefully manufactured to our exact specifications to ensure the absolute best, top of the line, quality products possible.




Greenware is an exclusive line of annually renewable cold drink cups, lids and portion containers, made entirely from plants – not petroleum.




Used Oil Management

Required practices, called “management standards,” were developed by EPA for businesses that handle used oil. The management standards are common sense, good business practices designed to ensure the safe handling of used oil, to maximize recycling, and to minimize disposal.



Dog Friendly

dog_friendly_photoFini’s Landing has a very spacious patio which welcomes your dog so don’t leave them home.